Western Australian Therapeutics Advisory Group - WATAG

There are currently 4 expert panel committees established under and reporting to WATAG. They are


The Western Australian Therapeutics Advisory Group (WATAG) was established to promote rational therapeutic drug use in Western Australia. The WA Director-General of Health convened WATAG in 1997, and it has operated continuously since, with funding support provided by the WA Department of Health (WA DoH). The Executive Sponsor of WATAG is the Chief Medical Officer, and the committee is funded by WA DoH as an independent clinical advisory group.

WATAG promotes the quality use of medicines and provides independent advice to health professionals, health services and WA DoH on issues relating to the use of drugs and therapeutics in Western Australian public hospitals and the wider community. The scope of WATAG's activity includes regional, secondary and tertiary public health services in WA, but may extend to private hospitals, general practice and community health services when required.

WATAG was formerly named the Western Australian Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (WADTC). It changed its name to the Western Australian Therapeutics Advisory Group and adopted the acronym WATAG in December 2003 to align with similarly named organisations in other states of Australia. The "TAGs" from all Australian states and territories constituted the Council of Australian Therapeutics Advisory Groups (CATAG) in September 2008. CATAG's purpose is communication, information sharing and collaboration to develop nationally consistent positions that promote the optimum use of medicines in hospitals. Three CATAG meetings are held each year, hosted by the National Prescribing Service in Sydney. Further information about CATAG can be found on the web site at www.catag.org.au.